Military Clothing and Gear


Patrol / Ranger / Point Cover / Contractors Caps, Boonie Hats, Berets, Beanies, Shemaghs / Sniper Veils / Headwraps / Neckwraps, Military Logo Ballcaps, Tactical / Assault / Cold Weather Glove Gear, BDU / Ranger / Riggers / Cotton and Nylon Web Belts, Belt Buckles, Pistol Belts / Alice Clips, Shirt Garters, Airsoft Base Helmets / Facial Protective Gear / Goggles, Pouches, Map Cases / Document Bags, Assorted Patches , Balaclavas / Neck and Face Gaiters / WWII Repro Leg Gaiters, Socks, Suspenders


Flight Jackets, M65 and Liners, Snorkel Parkas, Peacoats, H2O Systems Fleece Liners, Poncho and Poncho Liners, Softshells, Sweatshirts, Tactical Vests / Plate Carriers, Riot Suits / Riot Shields, Assault / Tactical / HWI Gloves, Goggles


Flight Jackets, Short and Long Sleeve Tee Shirts, Military / 5.11 / Graphic Tee Shirts, Paratrooper Pants / Skirts / Capris / Shorts / Convertible Pants, Tactical / EMT Pants, Tactical Shorts, Booty Camp Tanks / Shorts, UA Freedom Tops / Bottoms


Head Gear, Flight Jackets, Sweatshirts, BDU Tops and Bottoms, Flight Suits, Short and Long Sleeve Tee Shirts, Tactical / Ranger Vests, Vintage Paratrooper Pants / Shorts


Commando Sweaters (Wool and Acrylic), Combat Shirts, BDU Blouses, TRU Blouses, Tee Shirts / Polo Shirts / US Freedom Shirts, Waffle Knit Crew Neck Long Sleeve Shirts, Short and Long Sleeve Tee Shirts (Camo and Solid Colors), Tank / Muscle Shirts, Military Graphic Tee Shirts and Sweatshirts, Flight Suits, Tactical / Ranger Vests


Vintage Paratrooper Pants / Shorts, Sweatpants, BDU Pants / Shorts, TRU Pants / Expedition Combat Pants, Tactical / EMT Pants, Physical Training Shorts, Vintage Military Shorts


G.I. Polypropylene Tops / Bottoms, INFRARED UA Tops / Bottoms, Grid Fleece Tops and Bottoms

Public Safety Clothing

SECURITY and FUGITIVE RECOVERY Short and Long Sleeve Tee Shirts, SECURITY Polo Shirts, SECURITY Sweatshirts, SECURITY Softshell Jackets, SECURITY MA1 Jackets

Field and Survival Gear

Books and Manuals, Insect Repellent, Camo Face Paint, Compasses and Signal Mirrors, Emergency Blankets and Survival Bivi's, Entrenching Tools (Shovels), First Aid Kits and Supplies, Military and Tactical Flashlights, Fire Starters and Fuel, Gas Masks and Filters, Mess Kits / Cookware and Chow Sets, MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) and Dehydrated Food, Paracord / Rope and Climbing Rope, Saws / Axes / Hatchets, Water Purification, Waterproof Containers (Ammo Cans), Whistles, Light Sticks


Bunny and Mickey Mouse Boots, AR 670-1 Compliant Boots, Security and Tactical Boots, Black / Tan and Coyote Boots


ALICE Packs, MOLLE Tactical Packs, MOLLE Sling Packs, Hydration Packs, Shoulder Bags

Duffle Bags and Gear Bags

GI Nylon Duffle Bags, GI Style Canvas Duffles, Helmet Bags, Gear Bags and Tool Bags, Laundry Bags, MOLLE Pouches and Deployment Bags

Insignia and Patches

Air Force Patches, Army Insignia and Patches, Navy Insignia and Patches, USMC Insignia and Patches, Military Pins, Ribbons and Medals

Knives and Accessories

Bayonets and Sheaths, Machetes and Sheaths, Kabar and Fixed Blade Knives, Folding Knives, Sharpeners, Victorinox / Swiss Army Knives

Flags and Novelties

Dog Tags and Jewelry, Flags, Decals and Stickers, Key Chains, Challenge Coins, Dummy Shells and Ammo, Dummy Grenades, Embroidered Branch Wallets

Military Sleep Shop

Military and Wool Blankets, Cots, Bivy Sacks / Sleeping Bag Covers, Jungle Hammocks and Mosquito Bars (Head Nets), Poncho Liners (Woobey's), Sleeping Bags, Sleeping Pads

Military Surplus

Ammo Cans and Dry Boxes, Camo Material and Artillery Netting, Dummy Ammo and Grenades, Gas Masks and Filters, G.I. GP Tents and Stakes, Goggles, Helmets and Liners, Books and Manuals, Parachutes, Rifle Slings , Entrenching Tools (Shovels), Litters (Stretchers)

Web Gear

ALICE Gear and Pouches, MOLLE Gear and Pouches, Tactical Vests and Plate Carriers, Butt Packs, Canteens / Canteen Cups / Canteen Covers, Holsters, Pistol and Combat Belts, H and Y Back Suspenders